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Only an educated and informed public has the knowledge necessary to make decisions vital  to their health and wellbeing.  Nowhere is this more apparent than surrounding the subject of water fluoridation.  We aim to dispel false information and empower the public with the facts and information necessary for their optimum health and wellbeing.


Alone, even the best educated and most well intentioned person has difficulty changing the collective environment.  By reaching out, educating others, and taking collective action we aim to create a network of local citizenry capable of taking effective action to ensure clean drinking water for residents of Durango.


Despite best efforts to date, Durango City Council has ruled in favor of continuing the practice of fluoridating the municipal water supply (see news section).  We believe an insufficient effort was made to receive expert testimony counter to the practice of water fluoridation, and are thus taking the campaign to the public.  We strongly believe an informed public will make the best choice regarding both their freedom and wellbeing.  Our aim is a referendum to bring clean drinking water to the citizens of Durango.


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Some Facts About Fluoride

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Ballot initiative to end Durango’s water fluoridation fails in city-wide election

A city-wide vote to end water fluoridation lost in an election Tuesday, but succeeded in raising a critical consciousness in the minds of many. Around 1,735 votes favored ending water fluoridation, while about 3,094 agreed with maintaining the status quo, according to a story in the Durango Herald. Clean Water Durango […]

The four risk factors of dental decay and effects of water fluoridation

By John Rothchild DDS There has been a lot of conflicting information about the benefits versus the risks of fluoridating our local water supply. To make the most informed decision possible on this issue, one must consider the facts. There are four risk factors that influence the development of dental […]

Fluoride classified as a neurotoxin by The Lancet Neurology journal

Fun fact of the day! Fluoride was classified as a neurotoxin alongside methlymercury, lead, arsenic, and others, by The Lancet Neurology journal. Read some quality reportage on this breaking news in Revos.2040, an online news media site. http://www.revolutions2040.com/fluoride-officially-classified-neurotoxin-worlds-top-medical-journal/ Who would want to put a known neurotoxin into their body anyways? Apparently, lots of dentists in […]

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