Facts About Durango’s Chinese Fluoride

Independent lab analysis, Consumer Wellness Labs, for various Chinese sodium fluoride products

Clean Water Durango has photographic proof that the city officials were making false statements at a recent public hearing about the quality and source of their fluoride. They stated it was the highest “pharmaceutical grade”. Wrong. Our pictures clearly show the Chinese source.

Fluoride is a product that is taken from the scrubbers of industrial smokestacks, bagged and then ends up in the water supplies of cities like Durango. By clicking on the report in the link above, one can read about the independent testing of the fluoride that the Chinese are sending to the US. It is most often contaminated with lead and other nasty toxins.

These bags of Solvay brand sodium fluoride sit on a pallet at Durango’s Water Treatment Plant.
This is the back of a Solvay sodium fluoride bag at Durango’s Water Treatment Plant.
These bags were at Durango’s Water Treatment Plant in January of 2017.
This is a view of the back of a Solvay-brand sodium fluoride bag at Durango’s Water Treatment Plant.

Solvay Sodium Fluoride Certificate of Origin/Certificate of Analysis–CLICK HERE.

Solvay Sodium Fluoride tech data sheet-238165

Independent analysis–NaF COA Verification Results

Solvay Sodium Fluoride, MSDS sheet