Ballot initiative to end Durango’s water fluoridation fails in city-wide election

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A city-wide vote to end water fluoridation lost in an election Tuesday, but succeeded in raising a critical consciousness in the minds of many.

Around 1,735 votes favored ending water fluoridation, while about 3,094 agreed with maintaining the status quo, according to a story in the Durango Herald.

Clean Water Durango wants to thank all of the volunteers who helped out with this campaign and voted ‘for’ 1A to end fluoridation of the City of Durango’s drinking water. We received around 36% of the votes.

It’s unfortunate to lose this campaign but we will continue to educate people about the dangers of toxic fluoride.

Our opposition raised five times more money than our campaign did. Our opponents were funded by Healthier Colorado, a Denver-based nonprofit, which donated the most to our opposition. Much of that money that Healthier Colorado received as a start up fund from HealthOne Hospitals, a Denver metro health care system. Many local doctors and dentists donated to our opposition, as well.

With our loss aside we will remember to teach about the four real causes of tooth decay: diet, genetics, oral bacteria & salivary flow.

We are concerned about people’s health and especially children’s health. If we could, we would find a way to help low-income families buy fluoride-free water or fluoride filtration systems as an alternative to our failed initiative.

Remember that this fight for fluoride-free water is ongoing and will continue.

While Durango’s mainstream modern medicine disagrees with our right to choose whether we ingest this drug in our water supply, there are a select few dentists and health-care practitioners that we have to support.

Remember who those holistic and wholistic practitioners are next time you need a dental cleaning or need to see a doctor.

Don’t forget who those dentists are that disagreed with your right to consent before being treated with sodium fluoride that the FDA defines as a drug.

Vote with your money, and take the profit out of this broken fluoridation system where dentists are treating dental decay with a toxic bandaid.

Clean Water Durango will continue to reject the City’s mass medication of our community with a substance that’s hailed by modern medicine for its epidemiological effects. Doctors should know better than to support dosing us with this drug that the sodium fluoride manufacturer tells us is toxic.

This post goes out to our volunteers. Thank you for your help.

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